Episode II- Fall of the Republic

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The story treatment is a PDF document:

Episode II- Fall of the Republic


My commentary:

“Fall of the Republic is part war movie, part political thriller, part character study, and all Star Wars.  You may find my decision to skip ahead in the storyline past Anakin’s fall odd, but I’ve done it to keep Star Wars ‘mystified’.  Who is Darth Vader?  What is his relationship to Anakin?  These are questions that viewers of the OT had, and questions that the PT destroyed.  This movie would probably be the darkest of the trilogy.

Another interesting element of this film was creating the trio of leads that the rest of this trilogy will have:  Obi-wan, Caddie Arkadia, and Owen Lars.  Obi-wan and Caddie are both Jedis and good friends, but there is a coldness in the relationship between Owen and Obi-wan:  Owen only puts up with him because deep down inside, he knows helping Obi-wan with Luke is the right thing to do.”

-Keeper of the Scrapbook

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