Episode II- Fall of the Republic

Episode II- Fall of the Republic

“This is not just the end of the republic; night is falling on civilization itself. This is the twilight of the Jedi. The end starts now.”

            -Dooku Tyrannous

Ten years have passed since Episode I, and the Clone Wars still rage on.  However, the end is in sight.

The opening crawl of the film explains that the Clone Wars have left a lot of the Galaxy in ruins, and technology is almost going backwards.  Lots of Jedis and civilians have died.  At the same time, Anakin Skywalker has completed his Jedi training with Obi-Wan Kenobi and his is on his way to Coruscant with Kenobi for his Jedi Knighthood initiation ceremony.  However, they have found themselves in the midst of a large battle…

Battle in Space

We open the movie at a large space battle over some random planet we don’t care about.  We see Anakin and Obi-Wan, who have aged ten years.  Anakin gets to show off his amazing piloting abilities that Kenobi will tell Luke about in A New Hope.  Nothing important happens in the battle, really.

But while the battle is going on, a bunch of top-ranking Republican generals are discussing the war and how is has gone so far.  The point of this scene is to explain to the viewer what has happened in the clone wars since the Battle of Felucia:

When the war started, of course no one was ready for the Mandalorians.  They managed to take over a lot of planets very quickly.  However, the Republic responded to the war call rapidly, and they were able to stop the Mandalorians from advancing any further.  The war raged in on the interior planets for years, and finally, up to the point where the movie starts, several Mandalorian cloning facilities, all of which were located in remote places on planets far in the outer rim, were discovered and destroyed.  The Mandalorians’ supplies and troops are dwindling, but it seems that they will fight to the death.

In the end, the Republic wins the battle and Obi-Wan and Anakin fly to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

There, Anakin goes through an awards initiation ceremony where he officially becomes a Jedi Knight since he has passed the trials.  His mom is there to see him receive the honor.  Anakin talks to Obi-Wan, who is like an older brother to him.  Just before Anakin “graduated” as Obi-Wan’s apprentice, Obi-Wan took on a brand new apprentice who is never mentioned by name for reasons I will mention later.  In this story I will call him “Owa”.  Owa is just a bit younger than Anakin, and isn’t the best Jedi.  He’s a scaredy cat, he’s weak, etc.  However, Obi-Wan maintains that Owa can be trained into a good Jedi.

Just then, a large booming sound is heard.  An alarm goes off, and Obi-Wan and Anakin rush to see what has happened.  Soon they get to the place, and they find that some sort of a bomb has gone off, though it has done little damage and has harmed nobody.  Everyone is still wondering what has happened, when all of a sudden the networks of the temple are hacked and a holographic message from the Mandalorians pops up.

It’s Darth Maul, who says in a very terrorist-threatish way that the Mandalorians are going to attack Coruscant in a matter of days, and that everyone should be afraid.  As the message ends, Obi-Wan notices that there is a probe droid spying on them, and he jumps onto it just as it crashes through a window.  Obi-Wan is holding onto the droid for dear life, dangling above the streets of Coruscant far below.  Anakin gets a speeder car and catches Obi-Wan just as his arms get out.  They see the spy droid going to its owner, a mysterious black speeder.  And so starts a chase through the streets of Coruscant.  They lose the speeder, but then Anakin sees it below them and he jumps onto it, causing it to crash into the ground.  They find the driver dead, a woman Mandalorian spy.  They return to the temple.

Meanwhile, the top generals (which include a guy named General Tarkin!), top political leaders, Chancellor Palpatine (who is still in office), and Mace Windu and one other council member are having an emergency meeting about the threat.  The Jedi opinion is that all of the Republics’ forces need to be moved to Coruscant to defend it from this attack.  Palpatine, and his followers, disagree.  He says that support of the war from a lot of planets is starting to dwindle, and many feel it has gone on too long.  As the Chancellor, he needs to make a balanced decision.   So, he gives out an order that all troops are to remain where they are at the moment, ending the meeting.  Annoyed, everyone leaves.  Mace turns to a general who says that they have undisputable evidence that all the Mandalorians are gathering for a large-scale attack, probably on Coruscant.  Mace says he knows, and that “Palpatine may have a good heart, but he is a fool.”

So we’re now back in the Jedi temple, where Obi-Wan explains to Anakin and Owa that the council has made assignments to a multitude of Jedis to go on diplomatic missions to the planets of the galaxy.  Obi-Wan has received his assignment and is preparing to leave, when Senator Bail Organa (C3-PO standing next to him!) shouts out Obi-Wan’s name.  Obi-Wan asks him what the matter is, and Bail asks him if he is able to go to Alderaan (his wife wants someone there immediately).  Obi-Wan explains that he will not be able to go, however, Anakin says that he will go instead.  Bail thanks him, and Obi-Wan tells Anakin that Owa is to go with him to Alderaan.  So, the two walk off, R2-D2 trailing behind.  Obi-Wan says, “I do hope he doesn’t do anything foolish.”  Bail says, “Anakin?”  Obi-Wan responds, “No, it’s the other one I’m worried about.  He’s… unstable, to put it nicely.”  Bail then says, “I’m sure he’ll turn out alright in the end.  Most of us do.”

Obi-Wan then leaves to go on some “diplomatic missions”, and we see the starts of some of them.  The purposes of these diplomatic missions are to convince planets to disobey the Chancellor’s orders to simply allow their troops to stay put and do nothing.  Practically all of the planets ignore Obi-Wan’s advice.

Meanwhile, Anakin and Owa arrive on Alderaan, prosperous and affluent planet located between the outer rim and the core worlds.  So far, it has never seen any sort of battles.  A center of learning, it has been the main designer and developer of cutting-edge laser super-weapons used in the war, most of which have been used on the Republic’s large-scale cruiser ships .


At a city called Aldera (which is situated in front of a large snowy mountain range), Owa and Anakin are greeted by Queen Organa, the wife of Senator Bail Organa.  She greets them enthusiastically and thanks them repeatedly for assisting her.  Anakin asks her why she wanted them to come, and she tells him that she will explain more fully in time, but for now simply states that she fears the Mandalorians may be planning an attack against Alderaan, and she wants them there to help the Alderaanian division of the Grand Army of the Republic prepare for such an attack.  She elaborates and explains that she believes such an attack will be directed at Vista, a city that is across the valley and on top of a cliff (see my map below).

Alderaan Map

The Queen leaves R2-D2, Anakin, and Owa to themselves, and they go to a large buffet-ish Star Warsy cafeteria for lunch (or whatever they call it in a Galaxy far, far away).  There, they start loading their plates with out-of-this-world food.  Anakin, off a little ways from the other two, grabs a delicious looking fruit called a Manglocian and stuffs it in his pocket.  Across the table from him is a girl about his age named Maddie Arkadia (yeah, I know, I’m running out of SW names).  She looks just like the picture I’m showing you, except she’s wearing the signature blue uniform of a Republic officer.  (They look sort of like the Imperial uniforms you see in the Original Trilogy, except these are more friendly-looking, and they are blue, olive green and purple.)  Okay, back on track!

Maddie (Camie)

Maddie sees him taking the Manglocian, and she points to them and asks him if they’re any good.  Caught off guard (Anakin was sort of in his own little world), Anakin says he hasn’t tried them yet.  Maddie thanks him and walks away.

In my alternate trilogy, there is no Jedi forbidden love thing.  Okay, so right now I kind of need to talk about Anakin’s girl skills.  To be fair, Jedis don’t get much flirting practice, but they’re not anti-social either.  Okay, back on track (again)!

Anakin eats his lunch and then he talks with Owa about something.  Following that, he heads into the building with R2-D2 and walks down a hallway.  All of a sudden, Maddie and Anakin run into each other (not literally) and try to get by.  Just when Anakin squeezes by, Maddie notices his Jedi Uniform and says:

Maddie Arkadia: [points to Anakin and thinks for a moment] are you the… Jedi guy… that was just sent here?

Anakin Skywalker:  Uhh… yeah.  One of ‘em.

Maddie Arkadia:  Okay… Um, I think I’m supposed to talk to you… I’m the battle strategy coordinator…

Anakin:  Okay.  What do you need to tell me?

Maddie:  Well, I’m just supposed to… go over battle plans…

Anakin:  [An amused smile creeping up on his face] do you want to come to dinner with me?

Maddie: What?

Anakin meant this as a professional invitation, but he has just realized that in way he just asked her out on a “date”.

Anakin:  [embarrassed] I mean… like… not just you and me; the other Jedi will be there, and you can bring along a friend- I mean, another planning person…

Maddie: [laughs] Okay, I’ll be there.

They part ways.  When Maddie is out of earshot, R2-D2 beeps something.

Anakin: Oh, be quiet, ratio.

That night, Anakin meets Owa at dinner.  Anakin’s Jedi robes are slightly, but noticeably, more stylish than before.  Owa asks him if they were supposed to look nice for this meal.  Anakin tells him no, but that it’s important to make a good impression on people (Owa is very confused by this).  That’s when Maddie Arkadia arrives with one other Alderaanian officer.

They start of discussing battle tactics, but eventually everything turns to casual conversation.  Owa and the Alderaanian officer are kind of annoyed by Anakin and Maddie (who are totally not hitting off each other).  And so the friendship (they’re ‘just friends’ right now) between Anakin and Maddie starts to develop.

Meanwhile, Obi-Wan get another rejection.

Next, we have a sort of a montage:  a mix of flirting/friendship scenes between Anakin and Maddie, Anakin teaching things to the unstable Owa, and Alderaanians making small preparations for a battle.

The next planet that Obi-Wan Arrives at is Kamino, a watery world.  He speaks to the leader, who tells him that due to their small population, they have not raised an army; however, they have reason to believe that the Trade Federation (a galaxy-wide financial corporation) which has a headquarters in Tipoca City, has.  Obi-Wan thanks them and leaves to there.

Back on Alderaan, Anakin and Maddie talk some more, and they, along with all the other troops and Owa, are loaded onto a sky-barge (sort of like a blimp) and they begin their long, slow, and beautiful cruise to Vista.


Back on Kamino, Obi-Wan arrives at Tipoca city, where he is met by the Viceroy of the Trade Federation, who explains that for the past ten years at this cloning planet they have been developing and supplying an army to an anonymous wealthy client.  However, if the Republic is in need of these troops, then so be it.  They may take them.


They take Obi-Wan on a tour of the cloning facility, which sort of creeps him out.  And then he notices something:  he recognizes the faces of these clones.  He immediately asks who the genetic source of all of these clones was.  They tell him that he is a man who lives in Tipoca city most of the time, and that he is presently here if Obi-Wan would wish to speak to him.  Obi-Wan says he would, so they take him there.  When the door opens to the man’s living quarters, Obi-Wan finally realizes why he recognized the face:  the source of the clones is Jango Fett, a top Mandalorian warlord.  Obi-Wan and Jango start to converse, and it is clear that the men are both suspicious of each other.  Obi-Wan sees Jango’s Mandalorian uniform in the corner, and realizes his suspicions are correct.  Obi-Wan leaves the room, and thinks for a moment, as he heads outside to his ship.  Jango realizes that he is not safe anymore, and that he must leave.

Anakin is in a long, misty hallway aboard the sky-barge.  He is running towards a room.  He opens the door and enters a dark and creepy room.  There, at the center of the room, is a Jedi with his back turned to Anakin.  A large Anaconda-like snake is slithering all around the Jedi, who seems fine with its presence.  The snake has markings on its skin that look just like the markings that Darth Maul has.  Anakin yells, “Get away from there!  That snake’s not safe,” as he runs towards the Jedi.  The snake then opens its mouth wide and sinks its jaws into the leg of the Jedi.  Anakin yells in terror and says, “No!  Obi-Wan wanted me to protect you!” and he runs and catches the Jedi as he falls backwards into Anakin’s arms.

We expect to see a dying Owa in Anakin’s hands, but then, in terror, Anakin sees that the dying Jedi he is holding in his hands is himself.  This of course is a callback to Luke’s ‘cave vision’ and foreshadows Anakin’s fall to the dark side.

Anakin wakes up in his bed from his creepy dream, all sweaty.  He gets out of his room and takes a walk along the breezy open balconies of the sky-barge to calm himself down.  Out there, he meets Maddie, who says she can’t sleep either.  Morning is about to break.  So, they talk as the sky gets lighter and lighter and it seems that they are about to kiss, but they don’t.

Back on Kamino, Obi-Wan decides to head back inside after Jango.  He breaks into his room and sees that he has left!  So, Obi-Wan runs outside after Jango, and they start to fight.  Jango manages to fly away, but Obi-Wan is quick to go after him.


Back on Alderaan, the sky-barge arrives at Vista and everyone gets off board.  Anakin and Owa are met by Queen Organa, who has them follow her to the top secret weapons department.  She shows them why she is afraid of an attack:  a few years ago, her weapons department started to design a space station that could carry an extremely powerful super-laser.  However, when the design was complete, they realized that this laser was powerful enough to destroy an entire planet!  Horrified that they had designed such a thing, they stored away the super-laser plans in the design archives, deciding to never build it.  However, rumors about the “Death Laser” that Alderaan had created could not be suppressed and spread quickly.  The Queen fears that the Mandalorians want to capture the plans and turn the tide of the war in their favor.

Death Star

Anakin asks why they didn’t destroy the plans.  The Queen explains that an archive computer stores things in a different way than a regular computer- if they wanted to destroy the plans, then they would have to destroy the entire archive, which would mean destroying all of the other weapon designs (which are important to the Republic).  Anakin says he understands.

In low Kamino orbit, Obi-wan and Jango have a sort of dogfight, however, Jango manages to shoot into hyperspace.  Obi-Wan guesses where Jango might have gone, and goes after him.  When he comes out of hyperspace, Obi-Wan finds that Jango is only a short distance off (but far enough away that he can’t see him).  Moments later, Obi-Wan finds his ship flanked on the left and on the right by two Republic fighters.  The fighters tell him to follow them and to turn off all communication devices immediately.  He does so and follows them.

Not too far off, Jango lands the Slave I on the Mandalorian flagship (the largest ship in their fleet, a saucer-shaped ship).  He tells of how the Republic has found their last cloning facility, and walks with them to a meeting.

The Republic fighters lead Obi-Wan to a Venator-class Republic Star Destroyer, where Dooku Tyrannous greets Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Dooku tells Kenobi that this ship has been trailing the Mandalorian flagship (and the huge armada of ships that surround it) for months, and has had to cut off all communications to remain undetected.

Kenobi explains how he found a cloning facility, and, more alarmingly, has discovered that the Trade Federation (thought to be a law-abiding, Republic supporting megacorporation) is funding the Mandalorian cloning plant.  Dooku tells Obi-Wan that he is not surprised, and reveals that he believes there is a massive conspiracy in the Republic, and talks about evidence that supports this conspiracy theory.  Worse thing of all, he says, is that it is only reasonable to think that someone who is very high up in the Republic must be in league with the Mandalorians.

Changing the subject, Obi-Wan asks where the flagship is headed and why they are moving so slowly.  Dooku says that as they slowly move through the Galaxy, they are picking up more and more spaceships.  Then he says that based on their current slow course they are probably headed towards either Palanhi, Brentaal, Tepasi, Caamas, Alderaan, Katacia, or Belanco.  Obi-Wan remembers that Anakin is on Alderaan, and he says that he needs to send a message that the Mandalorians may be headed there.  Dooku Tyrannous initially protests, but then Obi-Wan tells him that Anakin was brought there because the Queen feared an attack.  Dooku then allows him to, but tells him to make the signal faint.

Anakin gets the message, and lets the Queen know.  She now is positively sure that they are after her, and so is Anakin.  So he starts war preparations, and lets the Jedi Council know.

So now we’re back to a meeting with the top generals (which include a guy named General Tarkin!), top polical leaders, Chancellor Palpatine, and Mace Windu and one other council member.  Wow! They love meetings.  Except this one is much more tense and less formal than the one before.  Basically, a lot of the top generals (not including Tarkin) are angry at Palpatine’s order that all troops must remain where they are.  They say that the Mandalorians, once they have conquered Alderaan, will have a convenient base from which they can easily conquer all of the core worlds.  Palpatine disagrees with this assessment, and says that he is not changing his orders.  Those that oppose him say that the Alderaanian army, though well-trained and strong, will not be able to hold off the Mandalorians.  Basically, they realize the need to defend Alderaan, and Palpatine is acting like an annoying stupid guy.  Then, all of a sudden, Mace Windu speaks up.  He announces that, in the interest of the peoples of the galaxy, the Jedis will disobey the orders of the Chancellor, and defend Alderaan.  Palpatine is angry and says that he doesn’t want to risk Jedi lives.  Mace Windue responds, “we’ve been risking and losing Jedi lives for the past ten years.”

Back on Alderaan, the time for the battle is swiftly approaching.  It looks as if the battle will be Alderaanians (and a few other minor planets that listened to the Jedis) and Jedis vs. the Mandalorians.  Gradually, all the Jedis in the entire Galaxy (or at least all the loyal ones/ones that are able to come) come to Alderaan, making up an army of about 6,000.

Meanwhile, on the Mandalorian flagship, we see a meeting between Darth Maul and the top Mandalorian warlords which confirms that they are heading towards Alderaan, and that capturing the plans for the superweapon is one of their objectives.  For the first time, this superweapon is referred to by Darth Maul as the Death Star.  After this, a hologram of Darth Sidious appears and gives a short speech to the Mandalorians, raising the tension.

So, the preparations for war become more and more serious, and more and more tense.  Non-soldier women, and children, are moved out of the area.  Owa, who hasn’t really fought in a real battle before, is extremely nervous.  Anakin, who has started to think of him less of an incompetent Padawan and more as of a friend, gives him some pointers and helps him calm himself.

Soon, the Mandalorian cruisers move close enough that they can start deploying troops, who come from the sky to the ground, and the battle begins!  This battle mostly takes place in the plains between Aldera and Vista.


This battle is probably the longest and most intense ground Star Wars battle yet.  As Darth Maul moves towards deployment on the ground, he says to a commanding warlord, “Do not overly concern yourselves with the Alderaanians.  It is Jedi blood that my master and I are after.”

Curious.  Anyways, this battle really rages on.  Unfortunately, summarizing stuff that happens in a battle is exciting on screen but boring on paper, so I won’t go over it much.  I’ll just say that the battle happens and stuff.

Meanwhile, back on the boring political planet of Coruscant, Palpatine is giving a speech to the senate.  He declares that the Jedis are practically in a state of Rebellion, and he announces the “Jedi Submittance Act”- that the Jedis must swear total allegiance to the Chancellor, or he will use force against them.  In addition, he declares martial law to bring the so called “Separatist” planets to heel (planets that sided with the Jedis).  While some applaud this move, a lot of the Senate erupts into noisy protest.

Soon, Maul manages to create a breech in the defenses on Alderaan and he, with a small amount of troops, moves towards the heart of Aldera.  There, he plants a black astromech droid in the city, and it rolls away unnoticed, just as a group of Jedis come to take care of him.  This black astromech droid rolls into the weapons department and downloads the plans of the Death Star onto its system.  Maul manages to kill all but one of the Jedis.  Anakin, who is in the plains that Vista overlooks, sees Maul and decides to go after him.

By the time Anakin gets up there on the city by the cliff, Maul has killed/knocked out all of these guys.  Anakin and Maul start to duel.  Unlike the duel in The Saga Begins, which is more of a high-speed, highly choreographed duel of flashing colours, this one feels like the two participants are really trying to kill each other with each violent blow.  As the battle progresses, Anakin is getting worn out.

More epic battle action.  It looks as if the Republic will prevail.

Now, Anakin is thoroughly exhausted and Darth Maul is still the crazy vicious evil guy he is.  Just then, Darth Maul slices the end tip of Anakin’s lightsaber off, causing it to start to flicker.  Anakin backs away from Maul, and his lightsaber dies.  Maul grins victoriously and proclaims how he in undefeatable.  Anakin is angry.  Really, truly, super angry.  Remember, this guy did kill his father.  As Maul taunts him and moves closer for the kill, Anakin slowly holds his hands up like he is using the force on something….

Up above Vista, there is a Mandalorian cruiser.  Inside the cruiser, the ship is rocking around.  A person on the ship reports to a warlord that they are having stability problems…

And then, in a flash, Anakin lowers his hands to throw this Mandalorian cruiser at Darth Maul, a near impossible feat.  The cruiser smashes into Maul, killing him instantly.  And then the ship keeps on going.  Since Maul was by the edge of a cliff, the cruiser smashes into the edge of the cliff and tumbles onto the battlefield.  We can only assume it kills hundreds of Jedis, Mandalorians, and Alderaanians.

Having pushed the limits on physical exhaustion as far as they will go, Anakin collapses to the ground and passes out.

We see the smouldering battlefield.  Maddie Arkadia is now in a smouldering battlefield, as the last of the Mandalorians try to escape into space around her.  The battle is over.  However, Maddie Arkadia only has her eye on the city of Vista- which is about to crumble and fall off of the cliff, which was damaged by the cruiser!  She knows Anakin is up there, and she knows that it is right where the cruiser hit.  She races up there (in a speeder thingy), and Manages to save his unconscious body just as the city crumbles down onto the battlefield below.  She plants a kiss on his forehead, and over to the destroyed remains of the city of Vista.  Just then, a ship lands nearby and Bail Organa, C-3PO, Tarkin, and one other dignitary.  “Oh, the carnage!” exclaims C-3P0.  Bail Organa shakes his head and is saddened by the destruction that has come to his planet; he declares that Alderaan is to become a pacifist planet and will never make weapons of war again.

Meanwhile, Tarkin sneaks off from the main group and finds the black astromech droid that Darth Maul planted in Vista among the rubble.  He tells it to come with him.

In some sort of a hospital thing, Obi-Wan, Owa, and Maddie are with Anakin, who is in a sort of a coma.

So, it may seem that the Republic should be in a state of celebration with the Mandalorians utterly defeated, but hardly anyone has even heard about this defeat.  Another war is just beginning.  A number (an eighth) of planets in the Galaxy have declared their secession from the Republic, and these planets have banded together to form the Separatist Coalition.  This means that the Republic has officially been split in two.  Those who are loyal to Palpatine form the “Republic’s Axis of Loyalists”.  Though the Separatists, who include the Jedis, know that they are greatly outnumbered, they will not let Palpatine and his followers boss them around.

We then see a short montage of the first battles of this new war, where we see for the first time the beginnings of the storm troopers (whos armor design has been heavily influenced by the Mandalorians).

phase 1

Later, we see Palpatine giving a speech where he says that, “though these Separatists wish to form a treaty with us, we are not weak.  We will accept nothing but unconditional surrender.”

We then see a short montage of some more battles.

Anakin has been moved to a space station infirmary, where he is still in his coma, outside the space station there is a small battle going on.  A robot announces that he has made a full recovery from his exhaustion, and the machines allow him to wake up.  Maddie is with Anakin when he wakes up, and he slowly comes to.  Anakin and Maddie hug, and Anakin starts to say, “now that this war is over…”

That’s when Maddie gives him a really weird look.  And that’s when Anakin notices the battle going on outside.  She then tells him that the Republic has split in two, and that it’s been nothing but war since the Battle of Alderaan.

Anakin is now just not distraught, but he’s angry.  Remember, he’s seen nothing but war since age fourteen.  Anakin tells Maddie that he’s going to go to Coruscant and negotiate with Palpatine to end this war.  Maddie tells him that Palpatine is stubborn and cannot be reasoned with, but Anakin says he’s met Palpatine and he says that he’s a good person; there has probably just been a misunderstanding.

We wipe to Dooku Tyrannous flying a speeder through Corucant with Anakin, who thanks him for coming along.  Little does Anakin know that Dooku has his own reasons for coming with him.  The sun is setting, and there is tension in the air.  Dooku and Anakin are dressed in civilian clothes, since the Republic’s Axis of Loyalists are very anti-Jedi at the moment.

Dooku lands their speeder at the massive Senate building.  Usually this place is full of activity and people, but right now it is chillingly dark and empty.  All the lights are off.  Anakin and Dooku walk down a deserted hall towards the Chancellor’s office.  Just outside the door to the office, Dooku tells Anakin that he’s not going in- he’ll wait outside.  Anakin tells the droid at the door that he has come to see the Chancellor, and the droid lets him in.  In the office, all alone, is Palpatine, at his desk.  Anakin takes a seat across from him.  Palpatine is very friendly to Anakin, which is surprising because he seems to hate Jedis so much.

Immediately, Anakin begs for Palpatine to see reason and to stop the Civil War that has started because of simple misunderstandings.  He explains that Jedis are perishing by the hundreds, and Palpatine is the one who has the power to stop the madness.

Palpatine is not angry at Anakin’s frustration with him, and acts sympathetic.  He plays dumb and pretends that he believes the Separatists are truly evil.  Slowly but surely, he tactfully turns Anakin away from the subject of the Separatists, and onto the subject of himself.

Palpatine: Anakin, you know what I look at when I see you?  I strong, young, and talented Jedi just trying to make his way in the world.  He has dozens of war medals.  And powers… oh… he has powers beyond belief.  Anakin, I still remember the day I met you a long time ago when you were but a boy.  There was something different about you.  You seemed so advanced for your age.  I’ve watched your career with great interest, as your “force-wielding powers” have grown even beyond your control.  So powerful in fact, that you were able to pull an entire Mandalorian cruiser from the sky, and throw it down at the battlefield below!

Anakin:  [shocked]  How do you know that?!?

Palpatine:  Anakin, there is very little that has gone on in this war that I do not know about.  What you did in the Battle of Alderaan scared you.  That is understandable.  But you must realize that you were only tapping into the full potential of your power!

Anakin:  But I killed people.

Palpatine:  In a century no one will remember their names.  But in a century, the people of this Galaxy will remember Anakin Skywalker, the man who had a power so great, no one dared challenge him.  Anakin, join me and you will have the life you have sought after.  You can rule by my side.  You and the Lady Arkadia would be most welcome here.  Together, we can destroy the Separatists and there will once more be peace in the Galaxy!

Anakin:  [really getting sucked into what Palpatine is saying, but not completely] But if you end this war with the Separatists, then there will be peace.

Palpatine:  Who started The Clone Wars, Anakin?  Do you really think a primitive warrior race managed to get the funds and the means necessary to create such a technologically advanced military?  It was I who managed to help Darth Maul create the Mandalorian army and start the Clone Wars.

Anakin:  No…

Palpatine:  In the end, the Galaxy will be united under a fantastic new order, and I am offering you a part in it.  The Jedis teach you to fear the powers the dark side has given you, Anakin, because they do not trust you.  They are afraid of your own greatness.

Anakin:  the dark side!

Palpatine:  yes, Anakin, only a person using the dark side to facilitate his anger could have brought that cruiser down.  But you have only begun to discover the new powers the dark side will bring to you.  You must replace Darth Maul as my new apprentice.

Anakin:  [is warming up to the idea] Your apprentice?

Palpatine:  Yes, Anakin.  I am the Dark Lord of the Sith, and I more powerful than you could possibly imagine.  Join me, and I will instruct you in my ways.

Anakin stands up happily, and hold out his hand like he wants Palpatine to shake it.  But then he realizes what he’s doing.  He pulls his hand back and pulls out his lightsaber.  But Palpatine is prepared.  With an almost lazy gesture, he flips Anakin out of the room with the force, breaking the weak door to the office, and shocking Dooku.  All of a sudden, dozens of storm troopers are upon Dooku Tyrannous and Anakin.  There are too many of them, and Dooku and Anakin flee down the hall, and break a window so they can jump into their speeder and fly away as the storm troopers continue shooting.  Anakin reveals to Dooku that he has discovered that Palpatine is a Sith Lord, and Dooku is not at all surprised: he suspected it all along.  Dooku then talks about how this is pretty much the end of the Republic.

Meanwhile, in the Senate building, Palpatine approaches Tarkin, who is looking out a window at the Coruscant Jedi Temple off in the distance.  Palpatine asks him if he successfully retrieved the plans for the Death Star, and Tarkin says that he did.  From where they are standing, you can see the Jedi Temple slowly collapsing- Tarkin says they are going to build Palpatine’s palace in its place.  Palpatine then gives a cool speech about how he turned people against one another so he could take control of the Republic.

Out in the distance, you can see Anakin’s speeder.  Telepathically, Palpatine says, “Join me Anakin, and you will have all you have ever wanted.”

We see a shot of the speeder flying towards the Jedi Temple, and then…




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